Why VIP Kidz Care is Good for Kids

As a parent, you want to provide the best for your children.  Finding the perfect program may have been difficult in the past, but not anymore!  At VIP Kidz Care, we offer a number of services that make us the most ideal solution for your child.  These benefits include but are not limited to the following.

  • Recreation and therapies uniquely designed for the needs of your child.
  • Incredible selection of educational technology, books, games and toys.
  • Endless opportunities for your child to learn in a safe environment.
  • The ability to build social skills with other children while playing fun and incredible games.

At VIP Kidz Care, we will continue to go above and beyond for your child.  After all, we understand they are very important people and that’s why we give every single participant the VIP Treatment.

Why VIP Kidz Care is Good for Parents

As a parent you may experience mixed emotions when finding a care center for your child.  We know you worry often about the safety of the facility and may feel guilt for placing your child in a new and strange environment.  At VIP Kidz Care, we have established a warm, welcoming friendly and SAFE environment for all children.  We will take the time to discuss all information with you to ensure you feel 100% confident when leaving your child with us.

Some of the many benefits gained:

  • A place where Medicaid and other insurances will pay for your child to attend.
  • The ability to give your child a learning environment beyond home nursing.
  • A safe place for your child to be, while you tend to other life matters.
  • The ability to attend work without having to miss time because of care issues for your child.

You can feel comfortable knowing that at VIP Kidz Care we treat children with the utmost care.  After all, we fully understand just how important these VIP’s are!